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Jeff Farrington is the State Representative for Utica, western Sterling Heights and southeast Shelby Township.  The State Rep race in 2010 was the first election he ever ran in and did so to help create an environment in Michigan that is condusive to job growth.  There are many subjects to address in the legislature, but keeping our families here in Michigan is Jeff's first priority. 

Here's a little background to help you get to know Jeff: 

Jeff's parents, Tom & Marie, raised him and his three sisters (Terry, Sandy & Lori) in Utica.  He's been a resident of
Utica (currently and as a child) and Sterling Heights (where his mom still lives) for over 36 years, living in Michigan his entire life.  Jeff graduated from Utica High School in 1983 and was a member of their championship baseball team as a pitcher and third baseman.  On the geeky side, he was also a high school national finalist in D.E.C.A. (the only Michigan student that year to earn a "finalist" ranking.)  

Over a ten year period Jeff balanced family, work and school attending Macomb Community College, then earning a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree at Walsh College in 1988 and a Master's degree in 1993 from Walsh.  This experience demonstrated to him the importance of a good education and he wants to make sure it's available for the next generation.  Along the way Jeff married his high school sweetheart, Diana Corning.  Twenty seven years later that wonderful story continues.  

Jeff's work career has not been one spent in politics.  He's a business person by trade and proud of it.  Jeff spent a lifetime helping others find good jobs as a professional in the staffing industry.  Much of his career was spent with a national staffing firm where he worked his way up from the bottom, eventually becoming a Vice President at the age of 36 with a knack for turning around poor performing operations.  Along the way he was awarded for top performance as an individual performer, and as as a leader.  

In 2004 Jeff walked away from what most people would consider a dream job.  He was a VP with all the perks one hopes for when they take the career route he took, yet Jeff turned in his "corporate shoes" and decided to follow the dream of starting and growing his own business.  That experience showed him how the state and federal governments can hinder or help the atmosphere of economic growth.  He co-founded a staffing company, Dynamic Recruiters, Inc. to assist in the direct hire recruiting and interim staffing of financial, engineering and information technology professionals. The firm grew at a fast rate during the first four years, but like many
small businesses in this area it hit a rough patch in 2009.  Instead of throwing in the towel, they looked in the mirror and decided it was time to make tough decisions and adapt to the environment around them.  Those decisions paid off and they hit record sales in 2010 and 2011.  It's that attitude that Jeff brought to the state government.  Stay within a new lower budget and transition to a new model for future success.  Jeff has since sold the firm to focus his attention on being the best legislator he can be.

As a first term State Representative his peers elected him to the leadership team as an Assistant Majority Floor Leader.  In the second term Jeff was appointed Chairman of the House Tax Policy Committee.  Additional committees he serves on are; Commerce, Energy & Technology and Financial Services.  If it has to do with improving our state's job growth prospects - Jeff is in the thick of it.  Likewise, he sponsored legislation that reformed PA 312 (public safety arbitration) in such a way that it gained near-unanimous approval in the House of Representatives and the Governor signed it in to law in 2011.  This reform has been sought for 30 years so to get it passed Jeff worked with all interested parties to achieve a result that will have lasting positive results in our communities.  In 2012 the Small Business Association of Michigan and the Michigan Manufacturers Association awarded Jeff with the Legislator of the Year honor.  Other organizations have done the same, such as the Michigan Association of CPA's that awarded that honor to Jeff in 2014 based on clarity, transperancy and accountability in tax law and treasury audits.  The Fraternal Order of Police have also bestowed the honor of Legislator of the Year in 2014 for Jeff.  This wide range of groups shows that Jeff is leading the way on bringing results to Michigan and our residents.  
Jeff is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Utica, Kiwanis of Sterling Heights and the Walsh College's Communication Advisory Committee.   Other interests include coaching.  He had spent 15 years coaching youth baseball, basketball and soccer.

On a more personal side, Jeff is the proud father of two sons.  One attends Michigan State and the other graduated from Western Michigan University finding a good job here in Michigan.  His family was a big part of his first two campaigns and you'll probably see them out there with Jeff in the future.  Jeff's dad, who grew up in the mountains of Colorado had a true passion for the outdoors, history and our nation.  Those passions were passed down to him and are at the foundation of his desire to contribute to Michigan's turnaround.  His family has spent a tremendous amount of time camping, as well as hiking the National Parks and enjoying the lakes of northern Michigan.  Jeff believes that our environment not only brings pleasure, but it is a resource that we can't allow to be ruined for short sighted gains.  

In summary, Jeff's goal is to bring Michigan back to a level of prosperity allowing families to stay together instead of having to leave the state to find good employment.  

Conducting a free job search seminar                        Coaching Trinity's youth basketball team.                                  A great conversation in Grant Park
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